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It was during my second pregnancy that I decided to launch The Little Wilds and begin this extraordinary adventure.

It all started with the desire to create dolls for my daughter and her cousins, to make them personalized and unique gifts, with the place of creation in a small corner of the basement of my house.

The Little Wilds was born out of a lot of ideas and ideas, and the brand has evolved since then!

From baby items to cuddly toys, but also textiles, all these product ranges have come to expand the collection.

Because it is on a daily basis, and by becoming aware of my needs as a mother, that I realized that I could not necessarily find what I wanted in the store.

Beautiful prints, practical accessories but which would harmonize with my interior, my decoration.

Neutral colors go perfectly everywhere and especially soft and soft materials.

Today his desires have become the guidelines of my brand.

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