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This is a handcrafted product

Differences can therefore be observed from one blanket to another:

The size (+/- 1 cm)

Density (more or less hard head)

The form  (a variation in head shape due to  hand sewing)


The little software is the result of a year of reflection, in order to find the perfect companion for baby. Incredibly soft, it is made of 100% oekoTex polyester faux fur and oekoTex bamboo sponge. And is the first soft toy of his  kind.


It received its CE certification at the end of 2018 after being tested in the laboratory.


The little soft is perfect for baby

It has the power to soothe and reassure your little ones.


Be careful  not to let baby sleep with his blanket  unattended, to avoid any risk of suffocation. The baby  before a certain age is not able to uncover his face on his own.


Available in other models.

Original creation since 2017, copying prohibited.


Soft toy Fawn Little soft

  • Article fabriqué à la demande

    Délai de fabrication 1 mois avant expédition

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